Soupologie launch plant-based, protein-rich range, Soupologie Protein

Soupologie Protein Bundle

Dearest Soupologistas,

The trees are in blossom, the clocks have leapt forward and close of business is no longer synonymous to pitch black darkness. It’s official –  spring has sprung! Dare we say we feel quite… giddy?

Today we come to you with big news that we couldn’t be happier to share with you. We have officially launched our plant-based, protein-rich soup collection, Soupologie Protein.

Soupologie launch Soupologie Protein

According to leading nutritional therapists, eating a protein-rich diet promotes increased satiety, maintains healthy hair, skin and nails, repairs muscle and regulates hormone function. This is why we’ve decided to boost our healing soups with a big hit of protein, and created a range where each 600g tub delivers 16g of plant-based protein (32% of an adult’s daily Reference Intake). 

We have three delicious Soupologie Protein flavours currently on the menu:
Adzuki Bean
Black Bean & Chipotle
Broccoli, Pea & Basil

You can buy the Soupologie Protein bundle on our website, or find the range on Ocado. Or, why not enter our Caption contest to see if you can win a few pots?

Soupologie Competition TimeThis week’s competition features Ziggy, the Soupologie Leonburger ‘puppy’. At seven months and 50 kilos, we like to think Ziggy resembles a small horse. 

Email with subject line ‘Ziggy’, with a caption for the picture below (Ziggy after he’s jumped on Soupologie co-founder Stephen Argent) to be in the running to win a Soupologie Protein bundle, featuring all three of our new protein flavours. 

Or, simply tag us when you’re enjoying your favourite Soupologie product to automatically be in the running for our weekly social media competition. This week the prize goes to bloggers @restorekitchen, for their beautiful Soupolo-twist on Instagram:

RestoreKitchen added noodles, coriander, seaweed, red pepper and shiitake to our Spirulina Greens soup to make the wonderful dish below:

Soupologie Social Media Competition Instagram Winner  

We always encourage using the goodness from our soups to add oomph to your dishes, up the veggie portions in your meals, or spice up a classic which may be lacking in essential vitamins and nutrients. Most of our soups contain 2 of your 5 a day in a single serving, a great starting point for any meal. We often use our Curried Sweet Potato soup as a dairy-free curry base, for example, with added broccoli, tofu and as much chilli as we can handle. If you come up with your own Soupolo-twist using our soups, please submit it to us, you might win the soups with which to make it!

In health, and happiness,

Team Soupologie