Coeliac Awareness Week 2017

Lovely Soupologistas,

Monday marks the beginning of Coeliac Awareness Week, 2017. 

A big part of our concept has always been the free-from element. We strive to make delicious products so that everyone can enjoy our soups, be it vegetarians and vegans, those with gluten or dairy intolerance and religious requirements, or consumers after a healthy option. We pack our soups with vegetables and spices, and don’t add any sugars, preservatives or artificial thickeners. This in itself creates a very low-energy density food, wonderful for you in so many ways.

Soupologie Coeliac Awareness Week 2017

A consumer tells us why they love free-from foods at the Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival

Every time someone writes to us highlighting the convenience our products adds to their lives, we are reminded why our mission is important. We are extremely proud that our products can be enjoyed by those with gluten intolerance alike, and wanted to celebrate Coeliac Awareness Week by sharing general information about coeliac disease, and providing some of our favourite gluten-free recipes and resources. 

Every day of the week between the 8th and 14th of May we will post something on our social media channels or our newsletter. You’ll see fun recipes, Soupolo-twists, offers and useful resources. We hope the information we share will be helpful for those who are unable to eat gluten, or are avoiding it for other reasons. 


 If you’d like to add to our list or be featured in one of our recipe days, please do message us via Facebook or email ( – we’d love to hear from you.

To a wonderful week,

Team Soupologie